Obituary Template for Scientists

[YOUR NAME] of the committee appointed to prepare resolutions in respect to the death of [DECEASED], reported the following, which were unanimously adopted:

The members of the [ORGANIZATION NAME], of which the late [DECEASED] was a member and [JOB TITLE OF DECEASED], desiring to place upon record some expression of their appreciation of [HIS/HER] virtues, and sorrow at [HIS/HER] loss, do resolve:

1st. That, in the earnest and eloquent words of affection and grief from [HIS/HER] brother members of the [ORGANIZATION NAME], we find only a fitting tribute to [HIS/HER] ability and worth, as [JOB TITLE OF DECEASED] and citizen; and we, who have met [HIM/HER] in [HIS/HER] hours of relaxation, in the serene walks of literature and science, most heartily concur with the sentiments of those resolutions.

2d. That, while it may be true that our friend leaves behind [HIM/HER] no great work to perpetuate [HIS/HER] memory still one has not lived in vain, who, with varied accomplishments and great capabilities, leaves the example of a career so modest, so gentle, so full of kindly deeds, and generous impulses; and in days to come, the story of [HIS/HER] life will be recounted as of a pure and great [JOB TITLE OF DECEASED], who, amid the contentions of [HIS/HER] profession, never forgot [HIS/HER] [MANHOOD/WOMANHOOD] nor [HIS/HER] courtesy ; and the influence of that life will remain to elevate the profession [HE/SHE] loved, and to illustrate that, in its fair and honorable practice, there will be opened all the avenues of wealth and fame.

3d. That, such was our [BROTHER’S/SISTER’S] singular unobtrusiveness, and dislike of notoriety, that [HE/SHE] carefully avoided all occasion for public display and only those to whom was afforded the inestimable privilege of meeting [HIM/HER] in familiar intercourse, could form any adequate conception how well-rounded was [HIS/HER] character, and how thoroughly developed and cultured [HIS/HER] mind; that it was one of [HIS/HER] most beautiful characteristics, that [HE/SHE] never obtruded [HIS/HER] own profession, or interests, or personality; but with men of action, of literature, or of science, made their pursuits [HIS/HER] topic of conversation; and many of us will remember with delight how patiently [HE/SHE] would listen to our imperfect statements of facts in science; with what facility and felicity [HE/SHE] would gather and group these truths,—estimate their true value and then return them to us, arranged and transformed in [HIS/HER] own singularly clear and concise statement.

4th. That, though making no pretensions to any exact or special culture in science, our [BROTHER/SISTER] had acquired an intelligent familiarity with most of its departments, and was a careful and reverent observer of the great works of nature; that in [HIS/HER] large and liberal estimate of life and things, shams and traditions could have no part, but all were brought to the severe test of real value: that [HIS/HER] clear intellect and strong character carried [HIM/HER] easily beyond the trammels of sect and limitation of creed, into the fair domain of pure truth; and that [HE/SHE] illustrated, in his life, that it is of less importance what a [MAN/WOMAN] professes or believes, than what [HE/SHE] does and is ; and in [HIS/HER] death, our [BROTHER/SISTER] leaves behind, to [HIS/HER] profession, and the community, the priceless example of a pure and almost perfect life.

5th. That these resolutions be entered on the record of the Society, and a copy of them transmitted to the [WIDOW/WIDOWER/FACEBOOK PAGE] of our deceased friend, as a slight expression of our sympathy in [HIS/HER] great affliction.

Original from:

Putnum, C. E. 1876 [1867-1876]. Resolutions on death of D. S. True. Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences 1: 49–50.


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